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Job Fair in Dubai

We are organizing this job fair to enable both the companies and the applicants to interact with each so as to accomplish speedy hiring of the desired work force.

Time: 12:00 To 06:00 Event Date: 2018-07-05
Event Date: malls of dubai

Dubai Plan

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As Germany's highest-reach specialist job market, we can look back on many satisfied customers in online marketing and the digital economy. OnlineMarketingJobs.

Time: 14:00 To 18:00 Event Date: 2018-07-20
Event Date: Dubai s k skkjs hue ksj is tlk sdi nei

Marketing Jobs

After you've created or copied an event, the Event details screen appears. From here, you specify the event name, location, date, and cost, and control the kinds of visitors that can see and register for the event. You can also control whether guests are automatically added to your contact database.

Time: 11:30 To 14:30 Event Date: 2018-06-15
Event Date: Old P&D Building, Lahore

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